Woman Be Whole


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Where Are the Men? deals with where the male-man is beyond geographic boundaries. Where are men in their minds, which dictate external behavior? This is an imperative question because if a man is out of position in his mind, it will affect every area of his life. We must embark on a study whereby only God can unveil and reveal to us why our families are in a deteriorating state; why our children are rebellious and unrestrained in their behavior; and why many women have taken on their current disposition about self, the children, and the male man. The focus of this book deals with God’s organization of the family. Where are we right now? We are void of order and organization. God established His sovereign order for the family. Whenever there is no order, as God established it, there will be chaos. Jacqueline T. Flowers is Pastor of Time of Celebration Ministries Church, Inc. in Houston, Texas. Jacqueline is the wife of Reverend Jerry W. Flowers, Sr. and the mother of three. She is author of “Woman Be Whole,” “Women In Ministry,” “Fashioned For His Glory,” “In His Presence,” and “Where the Spirit of the Lord Is”. Jacqueline shares the Word of God with boldness and conviction as she ministers to the wounded and hurting. Her focus is on seeing every member of the Body of Christ become a complete functional believer, contributing to the establishment of God's kingdom in this earth. She is determined to encourage the people of God to strive together to establish order in this earth, because they know who they are, what they are called to do and because their particular contribution is of great importance. She emphasizes, "Nothing will be restrained from the people of God which they have imagined to do, because they are one."